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vineri, 6 iunie 2014

Cultural Heritage in Danger

"World Heritage sites should guarantee transparency and anti-corruption measures should be presented together with the nomination files. The “sites of outstanding value for humanity” endangered by corruption should be listed as heritage in danger. These days the corrupt network in Venice is headline of the world newspapers. “Stakeholders” (mainly politicians and civil servants) distributed among them more than 20 Million Euro of public investments dedicated for the protection of the cultural and natural Heritage of Venice and its Lagoon. The World Heritage Committee in Doha, Qatar next week has the opportunity to act! See the international media today: http://www.repubblica.it/cronaca/2014/06/04/foto/mose_scandalo_tangenti_a_venezia_la_notizia_sui_siti_stranieri-88031822/1/?ref=HREA-1#5"
 (preluare de pe LinkedIn, UNESCO's friends)

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